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Yellow series

The Yellow Series is a splendid choice for those who want to hear a wide range of music from various periods.

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Red series

The Red Series is ideal for those who revel in hearing a large orchestra play powerful, commanding music.

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Green series

The Green series is perfect for those who enjoy light classics.


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Family concerts


A subscription to fun for the entire family! The Litli tónsprotinn series is a splendid opportunity for young listeners to experience the magic of music. 

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Friday series

The Friday series are hour-long concerts starting at 18:00. 


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Music of your choice


By choosing four or more concerts with on a Rainbow Card you receive a 20% discount of your purchase and enjoy exclusive subscriber benefits with 10% discount of all extra tickets with the Iceland Symphony.

Students aged 25 and under are eligible for a 50% discount in Zones 2 and 3 via the Harpa Ticket Office. 


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