Gift cards

With an Iceland Symphony Orchestra gift card, music lovers of all ages can attend concerts of their choice: Mozart, Beethoven, Viennese classics, film music, or whatever appeals to them.

Gift cards are available at the Harpa Ticket Office. They are presented in handsome gift packaging and never expire.

Gift card prices

1 ticket to a regular concert 6.800 ISK / 2 tickets 13.600 ISK
1 ticket to a Viennese Classics concert 7.800 ISK / 2 tickets 15.600 ISK
1 ticket to a Family Concert 3.000 ISK / 2 tickets 6.000 ISK

At the Harpa Ticket Office, it is also possible to select an amount that the recipient can use towards ticket or subscription prices.

Further information can be obtained by phone at +354 528-5050 and by e-mail at

Other terms and conditions


  • Concert tickets at gift card prices grant access to a seat anywhere in Eldborg Hall, in all price zones of the hall.
  • Gift cards do not expire.