Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg: Lo and Behold

Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg finished a Bachelor’s degree in composition from Berklee College of Music in the summer of 2017. She now attends New York University for her masters, studying with the Pulitzer Prize winner Julia Wolfe. Eygló’s music has been performed in Boston and New York but Lo and Behold is one of the first pieces of hers that are performed in Iceland.


Dreams are unique, starting from nothing, transporting the dreamer from one scene to the next without the memory of traveling, to a sudden stop, just as quickly as it began.

Two years ago a documentary crossed my path, questioning the dreams of the internet, and whether it dreams of itself. The idea of a virtual nervous system, an intangible and man-made lifeforce capable of dreaming is an exciting exploration. Just as Google’s Artificial Intelligence, DeepDream, has composed several dreamlike images, this piece is my musical reverie of such a composition.

(reveries of the connected world)

-Werner Herzog