The Wonders of Planet Earth

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Date Location Price
25 Sep 2021 » 14:00 » Saturday Eldborg | Harpa 2.700 – 3.200 kr.
  • Program

    An adventure-filled programme on the wonders of our planet, with music by John Williams, Richard Strauss, W.A. Mozart, Jón Leifs, and others.

  • Conductor

    Noam Aviel

  • Host

    Sævar Helgi Bragason

This season's first Family Concert takes us on a riveting journey focusing on the wonders of the Earth – in words, music, and pictures. Sævar the Star leads the way as we experience the magic of the Earth and the Universe through colourful and magnificent musical compositions. We go back in time, to when the Earth came into being; we explore fire and ice, seas and deserts, weather, life itself, and our connection with all of it. 

Sævar Helgi is nationally known the knowledge and passion he brings to his many roles as geologist, teacher, radio and television programmer, and author. With inexhaustible fervour in tow, Sævar will lead the way as concert guests experience mountain peaks, the high seas, volcanic eruptions, and other natural phenomena at this epic performance in Eldborg Hall.

A fascinating programme about the wonders of the Earth and how they are depicted in music.