The Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra Plays Sibelius

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Date Location Price
26 Sep 2021 » 17:00 » Sunday Eldborg | Harpa 3.800 – 4.800 kr.
  • Program

    Jean Sibelius Symphony no. 2

  • Conductor

    Eva Ollikainen

  • Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra

The Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra is one of the mainstays of orchestral work for young musicians in Iceland. It held its first concert in autumn 2009, and ever since, nearly 100 young people have gathered together under the ISYO banner each year to prepare and perform a demanding programme, with outstanding results. The Youth Orchestra won the Brightest Hope prize at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2017, and most recently it celebrated its 10th birthday with a performance of Beethoven’s Symphony no. 9.

This year the group will play Symphony no. 2 by Jean Sibelius, one of the most magnificent works in the Finnish master’s catalogue, a piece chock-full of dramatic themes that grow and build to a powerful climax in the last movement. At the podium is Eva Ollikainen, the Iceland Symphony’s Chief Conductor, who knows Sibelius’ music inside and out and will now lead the Youth Orchestra for the first time. 

The musicians of the future take to the stage with a powerful symphony by Sibelius.