Portrait of Leila Josefowicz

Solo Recital on the Friday Series

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Date Location Price
12 Jan 2024 » 18:00 » Friday Norðurljós | Harpa 4.200 kr.
  • Program

    Matthias Pintscher La Linea Evocativa: A Drawing for Solo Violin
    Johann Sebastian Bach Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin

  • Soloist

    Leila Josefowicz

"Two masterpieces for violin, written 250 years apart," is how Leila Josefowicz, violinist and artist-in-residence at the ISO this season, describes the two works featured on this short but riveting Friday Series recital in Norðurljós. Matthias Pintscher is at the forefront of contemporary German composers, and his pieces are performed across the world. La Linea Evocativa is inspired by the works of painter George Condo. It was premiered by Leila Josefowicz in 2020 at an art gallery in New York, where Condo's pieces were on exhibit. 

Bach's violin partitas are no less forward-looking compositions when seen from the right perspective. Bach plays around with the possibilities of the violin as a polyphonic instrument, while simultaneously interweaving magnificent melodies and bewitching dance rhythms. Following the performance, Leila Josefowicz will be conducting a Q&A, giving concertgoers a unique opportunity to get to know the other side of this marvellous artist.