Mozart and Bruckner

Easter at the Orchestra

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Date Location Price
21 Mar 2024 » 19:30 » Thursday Eldborg | Harpa 3.000 - 9.200 kr.
  • Program

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto in D Minor K466
    Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 9

  • Conductor

    Eva Ollikainen

  • Soloist

    Javier Perianes

Mozart's Piano Concerto in D Minor K466 is one of the most moving of his piano concertos. An intimate and dramatic composition, it was particularly beloved by the Romantic generation that came after him. Spanish pianist Javier Perianes possesses a "unique combination of evident modesty and utter brilliance" (Sunday Times) and has received outstanding reviews for his sensitive and immaculate interpretations of the works of Mozart. 

Bruckner's ninth and final symphony is likewise unusually personal. The composer viewed it as the logical conclusion of his life's work. A deeply religious man, Bruckner dedicated the piece to God himself and many have described his powerful symphonies as majestic cathedrals of sound. His self-confidence was quite fragile, however, and he spent precious years of his life in revisions and corrections of his works, while the Ninth Symphony was made to wait. When at last he got started, the piece progressed quickly, but his failing health prevented him from completing the fourth and final movement. Following Bruckner's death, others took it upon themselves to finish the piece and make changes to the earlier movements. Here the symphony is performed as Bruckner left it, in three cohesive and powerful movements.