Lunchtime concert with Rumon Gamba

  • 9. Jun » 12:00 Eldborg | Harpa Free admission
  • Program

    Dag Wirén Divertimento
    Dag Wirén Serenade for strings
    Dag Wirén Symphony no. 3

  • Conductor

    Rumon Gamba

The Swedish 20th-century composer Dag Wirén was influenced by Stravinsky and Poulenc and wrote highly successful music with a powerful rhythmic drive. He was a particularly versatile composer, even contributing the Swedish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965.

In June 2017, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra will record a CD of Wirén's music for the Chandos label. As an upbeat to the recording sessions, the orchestra will perform a free lunchtime concert, giving its audience a chance to hear these interesting works.

The Serenade for Strings from 1937 is Wirén's most popular work, while his Symphony no. 3 is a darker piece. Composed during World War II, it contains echoes of Sibelius and even Shostakovich.

The conductor, Rumon Gamba, was the ISO's Chief Conductor from 2002–2010 and maintains a regular presence on the Harpa podium.

Admission is free. Eldborg is accessible from the 2nd floor in Harpa, entrence 2A.