ISO Youth Orchestra plays Beethoven's Ninth

The Ten-Year Anniversary of the Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra

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Date Location Price
22 Sep 2019 » 17:00 » Sunday Eldborg | Harpa 2.600 - 4.900 ISK
  • Program

    Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony no. 9

  • Orchestra

    Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra

  • Conductor

    Daniel Raiskin


    Bryndís Guðjónsdóttir
    Agnes Thorsteins
    Alexander Jarl Þorsteinsson
    Jóhann Kristinsson


    Flensborg Choir
    Flensborg College Choir
    Graduale Nobili
    Hamrahlíð College Choir
    Iceland Academy of the Arts Choir
    Philharmonic Choir

Ever since it held its first concert in autumn 2009, the Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra has been one of the mainstays of orchestral work for young musicians in Iceland. Each year, nearly 100 young people from music schools around Iceland have gathered together under the aegis of the Iceland Symphony to form the Youth Orchestra, and the results have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. The Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra was awarded the Brightest Hope prize at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2017. 

To commemorate its tenth year of music-making, the orchestra will join force with a first-rate group of young soloists and youth choirs in a gala concert with Beethoven's Symphony no. 9 as the centrepiece. The Ninth marked a turning point in that it was not only the composer's last symphony, but also the first ever to include vocalists. Its impact on the evolution of the 19th-century symphonic form cannot be overstated. It will be quite a spectacle to see over 200 Icelandic young people join hands to perform this cornerstone of Western music, culminating in the unforgettable Ode to Joy.

Russian conductor Daniel Raiskin leads the Iceland Symphony Youth Orchestra, drawing on his extensive experience leading youth groups in ambitious projects. Raiskin has previously conducted the orchestra twice, as well as conducting the Iceland Symphony with outstanding results.