HAM/Daughters of Reykjavík & ISO

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7 Nov 2024 » 19:00 » Thursday Eldborg | Harpa 5.990 - 18.990 kr.
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  • Conductor

    Keith Lockhart

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  • Iceland Symphony Orchestra
    Daughters of Reykjavík

This is the two-for-one event we've been waiting for! The Iceland Symphony Orchestra starts the evening with Reykjavíkurdætur and ends it with HAM, who will shake things up further in Eldborg. We can't wait to see Sinfó add their unique majesty to their music!

The conductor is Keith Lockhart, who is the principal conductor of the Boston Pops and the chief guest conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra.

HAM's dramatic soundscape has always evoked a strong response. HAM's hallmarks are loud concerts, relentless songwriting and provocative lyrics. They've worked with great energy in the years 1988-1994 and it can be said that the candle was burned from all ends. In 2001, HAM reunited to revive their heavy soundscape. Since 2006, the band has been working hard, playing regularly and releasing new material. Timeless and dramatic, their music is loud, harsh and unpopular at the same time. The themes are folk, melancholy and basic human topics. Their music reflects Icelandic cliffs and crashing waves, and their lyrics delve into the drama of human life and the struggle with nature.

HAM is a unique phenomenon in Icelandic music.

The band Reykjavíkurdætur came like a storm into Icelandic cultural life about a decade ago and immediately attracted a lot of attention for their blunt lyrics, unpolished behavior and their uniqueness as a group of women in the Icelandic rap scene. Since 2013, the band has performed in over 20 countries, played at all the major festivals and events in Iceland and won prestigious awards such as the MME award given by the European Union and the Jónas Hallgrímsson's recognition award on Icelandic Language Day.

The band has been aiming abroad for the last few seasons, but has thoroughly re-entered the Icelandic music scene with its participation in the 2022 Song Contest. The Daughters of Reykjavík have changed over the years and today the band has eight members, and they are Blær, Karítas, Ragga , Salka, Steiney, Steinunn, Þórdís Björk and Þura Stína.

During their career, the daughters have released three albums and a number of singles, in addition to conducting courses in songwriting and rapping for children and giving lectures both in Iceland and abroad.

Tickets go on sale June 6 at 10am.