Die Walküre

The Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera at the Reykjavík Arts Festival

Date Location Price
24 Feb 2022 » 18:00 - 23:00 » Thursday Eldborg | Harpa 5.500 - 11.900 ISK Ticket sales have not started
26 Feb 2022 » 16:00 - 21:00 » Saturday Eldborg | Harpa 5.500 - 11.900 ISK Ticket sales have not started
  • Cast

    Iréne Theorin Brünnhilde
    Christopher Ventris Siegmund
    Christa Mayer Fricka
    Claire Rutter Sieglinde
    Ólafur Kjartan Sigurðarson Wotan
    Kristinn Sigmundsson Hunding
    Lilja Guðmundsdóttir Helmwige
    Sigrún Pálmadóttir Gerhilde
    Margrét Hrafnsdóttir Ortlinde
    Sigríður Ósk Kristjánsdóttir Waltraute
    Agnes Thorsteins Siegrune
    Guja Sandholt Roβweiβe
    Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir Grimgerde
    Svanhildur Rósa Pálmadóttir Schwertleite

  • Opera

    Richard Wagner Die Walküre (The Valkyrie)

  • Conductor

    Eva Ollikainen

  • Directors

    Julia Burbach og Tal Rosner

  • Video

    Tal Rosner


Richard’s Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung is without doubt one of the most ambitious operatic works in the history of Western music. It comprises four separate operas, for which Wagner sought inspiration in the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda, and Völsunga Saga, which he had in German translation. He worked for a quarter-century on the Ring cycle, which puts his genius as composer and librettist on full display. 

The story line of The Valkyrie comes from Völsunga Saga. A tempest is raging, and Siegmund seeks shelter in the home of Sieglinde and her husband, Hunding. He and Sieglinde fall in love, and the Valkyrie Brünnhilde, daughter of Wotan, disobeys her father by helping Siegmund in his bid to fight a duel with Hunding. Wotan punishes her by stripping her of her divine status as a Valkyrie, transforming her into a mortal woman. He condemns her to lie sleeping on the mountain surrounded by flames until an intrepid hero awakens her with a kiss.

This opulent musical drama is one of the masterpieces of the 19th century, and the famous Ride of the Valkyries is well known to most music lovers. This is the first time The Valkyrie has been performed in its entirety in Iceland and the first time since 2002 that a full Wagner opera has been programmed. Soprano Iréne Theorin sings Brünnhilde, a role she has sung at the Metropolitan Opera, among other venues. Wotan is sung by Ólafur Kjartan Sigurðarson, Kristinn Sigmundsson has the role of Hunding, and the Valkyries are performed by a stunning group of Icelandic singers.

At the podium is ISO Chief Conductor Eva Ollikainen, whose career includes acclaimed performances as the director of the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen and Semperoper Dresden.

On Monday 21 February at 20:00 hrs., Árni Heimir Ingólfsson will hold an open lecture in Norðurljós Hall on the musical world of Wagner and the story line of The Valkyrie.

The performance is five hours long and includes two intermissions, one lasting 45 minutes and the other 30 minutes.

The Valkyrie is a collaborative effort of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Icelandic Opera, and the Reykjavík Arts Festival.