Children’s Hour

Date Location Price
6 Mar 2021 » 11:30 - 12:00 Flói | Harpa Admission is free Get your ticket from March 1st

    This Children's Hour concert features a selection of classical favourites, bird songs and scent of spring.

  • Conductor

    Asbjørn Ibsen Bruun

  • Host

    Hafsteinn Vilhelmsson

The Iceland Symphony's Children's Hour concerts focus on a close and comfortable relationship between listeners and the orchestra, with light and alluring music for the youngest audiences. The Children's Hour programmes are wildly popular, providing genuine quality time and a perfect prelude to a lovely day. The concerts are roughly half an hour long. The event will be in Icelandic with the host Hafsteinn Vilhelmsson. Conducting the orchestra is Asbjørn Ibsen Bruun.

The event is free and open to the public
In accordance to local health regulations and to ensure the safety of our visitors we have to limit to the number of guests who can attend the concert. Please sign up for tickets here on our website or at Harpa Ticket Office, tel. 528-5050. Read our concertgoer's guide here

Tickets can be ordered here on the orchestra's website and at Harpa Ticket Office from 12:00 PM, 1 March 2021.