Beethoven's Fifth

Live Television Broadcast on RÚV

Date Location Price
23 Sep 2020 » 20:00 » Wednesday Eldborg | Harpa 2.600 - 8.100 ISK
  • Program

    Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony no. 5
    Anna Thorvaldsdóttir Aeriality

  • Conductor

    Eva Ollikainen

Beethoven's Fifth is one of the most famous and influential symphonies of all time, a magnificent journey through struggle to victory. Eva Ollikainen, the Iceland Symphony's newly appointed Chief Conductor, leads the orchestra. To conclude the program, the orchestra performs Aeriality, one of Anna Thorvaldsdóttir's most performed works. Thorvaldsdóttir is the Iceland Symphony's composer-in-residence, and among the leading composers of contemporary music worldwide.  

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