Baggalútur and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra

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Date Location Price
13 Jun 2024 » 20:00 » Thursday Eldborg | Harpa 7.900 – 15.900 kr.
15 Jun 2024 » 20:00 » Saturday Eldborg | Harpa 7.900 – 15.900 kr.
  • Conductor

    Ross Jamie Collins

  • Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Two of Iceland's most celebrated ensembles, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Baggalútur, join forces in a gala concert on Eldborg stage in June. The two groups have long dreamt of sharing the stage and this concert finally makes it a reality. The programme will feature a plethora of Baggalútur's most popular, zesty, heartwarming, and beloved songs, artfully set for orchestra by the finest arrangers, in which artistic nuances and the subtleties of melody and text are on full display. 

The players will have their strength and endurance truly tested and speed records will be broken. Conductor-in-residence Ross Jamie Collins will take the podium in this concert. A world class entertainment can safely be promised to all lovers of symphonic country music.