Páll Óskar and the Iceland Symphony

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16 Aug 2024 » 20:00 » Friday Eldborg | Harpa 4.900 - 14.900 kr
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  • Conductor

    Anthony Weeden

  • Soloist

    Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson

  • Iceland Symphony Orchestra

For decades, Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson has been one of Iceland's favorite pop musicians. Having sung his way into the hearts of the nation at an early age, Páll Óskar has released an incredible number of hits, represented the country in the Eurovision Song Contest, filled countless dance halls, sold records by the cartload and enriched Iceland's musical life significantly with his signature blend of joy and glamour. Páll Óskar's fans range from preschoolers to senior citizens, as few can resist swaying when he starts to sing — and most Icelanders will know the lyrics to at least one or two of his songs.

In two concerts with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Páll Óskar sings many of his most popular songs in magnificent arrangements for a full symphony orchestra. Powerful ballads as well as irresistible disco hits take flight with the help of strings, winds, brass and percussion, in addition to the traditional rhythm band and backing vocals.

This is a unique opportunity to experience Páll Óskar's lustrous, glittery charm in the warm embrace of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.